Down To The Wire™ Participation Agreement

How to Participate

Anyone can enter a team in Down To The Wire™ (DTTW), as long as there is a team representative(s) (Producer & Director) who must attend the Required Meeting(s) beforehand. Teams must also register and pay the flat fee. Teams must provide their own equipment, cast and crew. Whether you are an amateur or professional, have access to a plethora of resources or just your friend's basement, it all comes down to creativity. So, get your creative juices flowing and get ready for a wild day of filmmaking!

This Agreement, comprised of the Official Rules of Down To The Wire™ as set forth herein, is made and entered into by and between the individual representing the participating filmmaking team (hereinafter, the individual and the participating team collectively referred to as the “Entrant”).

By checking the box on the registration form marked “I have read, understood and agree to the terms listed above”, the Entrant indicates that the Entrant accepts the terms and conditions in the Official Rules as set forth herein. This Agreement and the Official Rules shall govern Entrant’s participation in “Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race,” and the creation by Entrant of a short movie as described below, pursuant to the provisions set forth herein. The receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged as received in full by all Entrants hereto, the parties hereto hereby further agree as follows:

All Contestants Bound By These Rules.  Entrant hereby agrees to take part in Down To The Wire™ a 24 HR Film Race which will be conducted by annually. The Sunday Night Showcase is a screening and ceremony during the race weekend. These Official Rules apply to Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race (DTTW); to each and every participating team (“Team[s]”) of filmmakers, actors, crew members and all other players in and contributors to (collectively, “Contributor[s]”, “Contestant[s]”, “Entrant[s]”, or “Team Member[s]”) any film or other piece entered into this Contest (“Film”, “Entered Film”, or “Entry(ies)”); and these Official Rules also apply to each and every such Contributor individually.

Rules and Communications.  Any Contributor or Team that enters a film in this Race, shall be deemed to have carefully read, reviewed, and specifically agreed to all of the text of these Official Rules; and also to any prior, other, and further writings including without limitation future rules and postings relating to Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race where CreativeRush may in the past, present, or future issue, distribute, post, or otherwise make available (collectively, “Communicate”) to prospective Race entrants by e-mail, by mail, by hand, by fax, via Internet posting, and/or otherwise in any other manner. E-mail alone shall suffice so as to constitute notice from Down To The Wire™ or CreativeRush to any Entrant and to any Team, if and in the event that such method is elected for notice purposes for any specific Communication.

Discrepancies With Prior Writings, If Any. It is the responsibility of each individual Entrant to carefully review and compare these Official Rules as against any predecessor text, and make specific note of any changes and clarifications thereto. In the event of any discrepancy whatsoever between these Official Rules on the one hand, and any other communication on the other hand, then these Official Rules (as may be amended by Down To The Wire™ or CreativeRush from time to time up to and including the date of the determination of the Winners) shall govern. No Entrant may claim to be relying upon previously-posted text which is or may be argued to be contradictory to any provision included in these Official Rules, and any Entrant doing so may be disqualified from the Contest at election.

Registration. Each Entrant or Team must register and pay a non-refundable participation fee. It must be accepted by time of team entry. Team registration fees include up to a number of tickets for team admission to the Sunday Night Showcase and screenings.

Student Filmmakers. “Student” teams are eligible only for “Student” awards. For Down To The Wire (DTTW) defines a “Student” team as a team whose crew is made up 100% of students. For DTTW purposes the term “Student” refers to any individual with a current and valid (student) identification. Teams registering as “Student” must be prepared to prove age and/or status upon registration and submitting film projects. Students under 18 years of age must have a guardian/parent present on site and co-sign all necessary documentation. This includes, but not limited to schools and universities: Undergrad, technical college, high school, middle school, junior high, homeschool, or elementary.

Exercise Of Skill. This Contest requires an exercise of skill, only, and is NOT a game of chance in any respect whatsoever. The manner of division of prize monies, if any, amongst Team Members shall also be a result of each Team Member’s exercise of skill - that skill being any such Entrant’s selection of, and choice of affiliation with, a Team small enough in number of persons, such that the division of any prize monies won by such Team and distribution thereof to Team Members shall be a meaningful reward for said of exercise of skill. There is no minimum size of Team in terms of number of Team Members; and, while the LLC may believe such is unlikely to occur, a Team may in theory be comprised of as little as one (1) and only one (1) individual.

Required Elements. In order for a Team to qualify as a potential “Winner” of Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race, each Team’s entered film’s plot must revolve around the assigned Required Elements and must incorporate any other Surprise Element(s). All decisions as to compliance with the assigned are in the sole discretion of DTTW; and any such decisions by DTTW are final, conclusive, and binding upon all Teams and Entrants.

Physical Safety. It is of the essence of this Contest that all Entrants conduct themselves in a safe and legal manner, and any departure from this absolute and inviolate principle will result in disqualification of Entries and/or rescission of this entire Contest. You are conducting your activities under this Contest at your own risk - govern yourselves accordingly.

Production Work. All production and creative work (collectively, “Production Work”) relating to any Entered Film, must take place ONLY during the (approximate) 24-hour period between the Theme Announcement and the Submission Deadline (hereafter, the “24-hour Window”). Production Work includes, but is not limited to, writing and/or improvising the script or screenplay, rehearsing, shooting, editing, animation, special effects, music and music design, sound, artwork, and titles and credits. NO Production Work may commence prior to the Producer's Meeting. All filmmaking shall be conducted at the sole cost and expense of the Teams and the Entrants responsible therefor, respectively, and DTTW shall have absolutely no liability therefore.
Preparations. The ONLY work that may take place on any Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race Short Film PRIOR to the date and time of the event is: (A) the organizing of cast members and crew members; (B) the securing of equipment; (C) scouting and securing of locations; (D) the preparation, execution and submission of required documents to Down To The Wire.

Disqualification For Exceeding The 24-hour Window. DTTW reserves the right to: (A) determine whether any Production Work takes place or has taken place at any time other than within the required 24-hour Window; (B) require signed written certification and recertification from any Team and Team Member with regards to compliance with the 24-hour Window; and (C) disqualify and reject, upon written notice to the Team Representative, any Entry which does not so comply, or has reason to believe does not so comply, in whole or in part.
Maximum Length. The finished Down To The Wire a 24 HR Film Race Short Film must be a MAXIMUM of five minutes (5:00) in duration (when played at its normal and viewer-discernible speed, as determined by DTTW in its sole discretion), from picture start to picture end. Credits are considered part of 5:00 duration of the film mentioned above. Please add the required slate and Team title card, for a total running time of six minutes, thirty seconds (5:30). There is no minimum length for the Films. The determination of a particular Entered Film’s running time by DTTW, is final and binding upon the submitting Team and upon all Entrants.
Prohibition On Explicit Sexual, Violent, and Illegal Content. While, subject to the Theme Announcement, the content of an Entered Film shall be at the discretion of the participating Teams, DTTW expressly reserves the right not to screen and/or disqualify from the Contest any film that is deemed to be pornographic, or that otherwise depicts hard-core or graphic sexual or violent activity. Furthermore, any Teams or Team Members foolish enough to depict individuals engaging in activities on camera which, when performed on camera, are also illegal in real-life (e.g., vandalism, robbery, drug use, assault) will be solely responsible for answering to law enforcement authorities for same and do so at their own sole risk. DTTW expects no one to be hurt or arrested while making any Entered Film, and apart from the other harsh consequences also reserves the right to disqualify any Entry which relates to the occurrence of same!

Judging Criteria. The fixed standard and criteria (“Judging Criteria”) used by each of the Judges shall be instructed by DTTW to the Judges, and shall be as follows: Development (Writing, Originality, Character, and Plot Development); How The Story Is Told (Directing, Editing, and Cinematography); Required Elements (Creative Usage); & Production Value (Effects, Technical Ability including sound, lighting, and music design); and Acting.

Decision Of The Judges. Each of the Judges will share their respective rulings with DTTW of the top ten (10) films, as well as the ‘Grand Prize’, runner-up films, and any other awards as specified by DTTW. Unanimity of the Judge’s decision is not required, only a simple majority; The Judges will be specifically instructed that “ties” between any Entrants shall not be allowed, and the Judges shall not be discharged from their function until the top films as listed above are chosen and informed appropriately. The decision of the Judges as informed to DTTW shall be final, conclusive, and binding.

1st Round of Judging & Top 15 Selection. All films who turn in their films within the 24 Hour timeframe will be considered for 1st Round of Judging and the Top 10 films will be screened. DTTW will have its own panel of judges which will determine the top 10 by anonymous critique cards which will be given back to each team whether or not the team makes it into the Top 10. The Top 15 films will advance to the 2nd Round of Judging.

2nd Round of Judging & Screening. All films that advance to the 2nd Round of Judging as described in the paragraph above will be judged by a new panel of judges. DTTW reserves the right to use some of the same Judges from the 1st Round of Judging in the 2nd Round of Judging. The 2nd Round Judges will live critique the top fifteen (15) films after each are screened. After all ten (15) films have shown, 2nd Round Judges will pick “Grand Prize” and any Top Awards. Additional prizes will be awarded specified by DTTW 1st Round of Judges.

The Prizes. Entrant hereby acknowledges that participation in Down To The Wire a 24 Hour Film Race is without remuneration or compensation of any sort. The sole exception to this rule shall be any awards or prizes that are announced on the night of the Sunday Night Showcase. Any awards / prizes will be given to the Team Representative (Producer) for the winning Team, as long as the Official Rules have been adhered to in all respects by the winning Entrant.

Disqualifications. DTTW reserves the right to disqualify any Team, Contributor, Entrant, or Entered Film that does not comply with the Official Rules and other Race requirements.

No Responsibility For Electronic And Other Failures. DTTW is not and shall not be responsible for: (A) any lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, damaged, illegible, unintelligible, or otherwise ineligible entries; (B) any electronic mistakes or other mishaps including without limitation transmission errors which may result in omission of, interruption of, deletion of, defect in, delay in the delivery of, theft or destruction of, unauthorized access to, or alterations of, any Entries or other materials furnished to DTTW in connection with this Race, or any materials otherwise distributed to or intended to be distributed to or by Entrants and/or Teams in connection with this Contest; or (C) any network, telephone, electronic, computer, hardware or software, or other technical or machine-related malfunctions or limitations of any kind; or (D) any inaccurate transmissions of or failure to timely receive Entries by any Entrant or Team on account of any technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website; or (E) any combination of the foregoing in whole or in part. If for any reason the Internet or e-mail communications relating to the Contest are not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, “bugs”, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or any other causes beyond the control of DTTW, which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of this Contest, DTTW reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any Entrant and/or Team that tampers with this Contest, its Official Rules, and/or its and their procedures; and DTTW may terminate, modify or suspend the Contest as a result.