Team Registration


$200 GA | $175 STUDENTS

DTTW considers FIVE (5) Members per TEAM. This must include your Producer, Director, and three other individuals. You will not need to submit a full list of cast and crew until 6:59AM CST on Sunday, September 29th with the completion of your film. In other words, you may register without having a finalized list of cast and crew but must have at least five of your members to register. Please read the Participation Agreement.

Student Filmmakers: Registering teams are eligible for “Student” and student-based awards. Down To The Wire (DTTW) defines a “Student” team as a team who are made up 100% of students. For DTTW purposes the term “Student” refers to any individual with a current and valid (student) identification. Registering as a “Student Team” - your Producer must be prepared to prove age and/or status upon registration forms and submitting film projects. This includes, but not limited to schools and universities: Undergrad, technical college, high school, middle school, junior high, homeschool, or elementary.